Making Motocross Bike Repair Easier

Motorcycle Stands

Most motocross bike spills cause some damage to your bike. Motorcycle stands and motorcycle lifts are basic tools that make motocross bike (or street bike) repair and maintenance easier and less of a hassle than doing the work by hand.

If you ride you slide. This is just a fact that everyone that races motocross knows and lives with. Even the most experienced professional dumps it once in a while. It does not matter if you ride outside or on an indoor course you and your bike are going to take a few hits if you ride to win.


Motorcycle Lifts


Having a motorcycle lift jack or a motorcycle lift stand in your trailer or in your racing kit can make the difference in winning a race or walking away and not finishing. The portability of a motorcycle stand makes quick replacements easy for you or for your team.

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Motocross Training Tips

As far as extreme sports are concerned, motocross is one of the popular ones. The adrenaline rush experienced during a motocross race is unlike anything else. The thrill is what makes the sport so addictive. For those who are serious about motocross racing, effective training is a must. Here are a few training tips that can ensure that you are in the top form to participate in the racing season.

Prepare a Program

If you do not have a training program, the first thing you need to do is prepare one. Evaluate your strengths as well as weaknesses and plan accordingly. If you already have a training program in place, you need to review it periodically. Consider how you feel after a training session. If you feel fine, it may be time to take your training program to the next level, but if you feel so tired that you can hardly stand, you may need to slow down a bit. Before you start training, make sure that you have all the required protective equipment. This includes motocross clothing, helmets, goggles, gloves and boots.

Bring Variety in Your Training Routine

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The Different Types of Motocross Racing

Motocross and dirt bike racing is as popular as ever, all over the world. Let’s take a look at the many different types of motocross racing that are popular these days:


Freestyle motocross is sometimes also known as FMX. The main difference between freestyle and regular motocross is that riders try to gain points from judges based upon tricks that they perform. Tricks may include the 360, backflip, underflip, frontflip, carolla, scorpion, tsunami and sidewinder, among dozens of other tricks. There’s also different types of landings and take-offs. One handed, no handed, side saddle, you name it. Famous freestyle motocross riders include Carey Hart and Mike Metzger.


This type of motocross racing began in the 1970’s as a fun side project for motocross racers. Supermoto is a type of race where motocross bikes that are meant to ride on dirt are modified so that they can compete on pavement, as well as dirt. The track for a Supermoto race consists of both dirt and pavement. The bikes must have special tires with specific types of grooves that can handle both pavement and dirt tracks during the same race.


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How To Make The Pass In A Motocross Race!

Want to learn How to Pass In A Motocross Race?


Passing actually begins when you pass all those slow drivers on the way to the race, just kidding…sort of, but it does start way before you actually race. When you get to the track walk the course and look for good lines everywhere, especially in the corners. Look for wide spots in the motocross track and consider your strengths as a rider. If you can kill the whoops spend time finding alternate lines. If you’re good at squaring corners look for sharp corners with an inside line you can use to dive under other riders. When you’re finished with your walk you should have three or four good places to pass in mind.

In practice, try the lines you found in your track walk as well as others. Riders in practice are usually going more slowly so you can practice in these spots and see if they are going to work for you or not. By the time the gate drops I guarantee you will be 100% more prepared than most other riders and you will have some ideas on how and where to get around slower riders.

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Not All Professional Motocross Training Facilities Are Created Equal

Are you looking for a motocross training center to help perfect your riding techniques? Have you been considering bringing your skills to the professional level of competition? Today, there are motocross training centers that can help teach you to perfect those riding and technical skills so that you can bring your competition to the professional level. However, it is important to note that not all training centers are created equal. Depending on your current experience and riding needs, there are different facilities to help individuals meet their riding goals.

One way to ensure that you receive the best training to enhance your professional racing or riding career is to research and select a motocross training center that provides comprehensive levels of training tied to being a professional athlete. Simply having the skills to compete does not mean that you can deal with the grueling and competitive world of motocross racing.

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Famous Motocross Riders

Evolving from motorcycle racing, Motocross first emerged as a sport in the early 1900s in the United Kingdom. In the late 60s, the sport began to gain popularity in the states. Manufactures continued to make adjustments to the original concept of the motorcycle to provide the motocross riders a better bike for the terrain that they race on. Through the sport the riders race for best time as they travel through rough terrain. The races take place no matter what the weather is like. Since this sport has gained so much popularity in the states we thought that we would look at some of the sports stars. This article will take a look at some of the famous faces behind the sport and discuss what their accomplishments.

Known for his erratic driving style, Ricky Carmichael blazed into the pro motocross world in 1997. In his rookie year he raced both indoor and outdoor. However, he has proven to be more at ease in the outdoor races. Though he struggled with injuries and switching the different class levels, in 2002 he won all 24 motos in the National season. 2006 ended up being another rough season for the star and he… Continue reading

Motocross: This Is Not Your Casual Bike Ride

The past decade has demonstrated a substantial increase in the growth of the extreme sport, motocross. In such a short time, this extreme sport has taken over national extreme sporting events, and boast all-stars we have deemed as celebrities. Due to the fact that this sport has grown in viewership over the past decade, events, companies, and sponsors have helped shape and grow the sport even more to offer more visibility across the Country. Additional growth is experienced also in with the companies that produce equipment to help maintain the bikes like not to mention those companies that also produce accessories.

Although in the 1950’s, portions of Europe hosted small motocross events, this sport did not hit the United States until a decade after, and from that point forward, motocross has continued to gain momentum as the introduction of newer venues, better bikes and now highly trained professionals pushing the limits with new tricks and ways of entertaining the audience in competition.

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Experience Fun, Excitement and Adventure With a Motocross Game

Motocross offers thrill and adventure to all those who love motor cycle sports. This sport originated in the Great Britain. In the beginning off road racing motorcycles were used and these didn’t differ a lot when compared to regular motorcycles. Initially rigid frames were used for the motorcycles and then suspensions started being used in the 1930s, though the swinging fork suspension didn’t appear until the 50s. Yamaha is the first company which came up with a bike specially designed for motocross and you can find more information about those bikes at

Major competitions are held for motocross and other sports have also been derived from it. Supermoto, freestyle, supercross and sidecars are just a few of them.

The Swedish Motocross Champion Torsten Hallman, organized an exhibition of motorcycles and introduced this sport to the USA in 1966. And slowly Americans started winning titles in this European dominated field.

A lot of brands are now competing in motocross and these include the Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki to name just a few. All of them have their own unique technology which they use in competing in the race. As newer technologies are appearing in the market, the sport… Continue reading

A Short History of Motocross Racing

Motocross racing is a sport that first evolved in the United Kingdom. It’s a form of motorcycle racing on off-road tracks that is very physically demanding and held in any and all weather conditions. There are many fans of motocross around the world that have become addicted to Team Hawg Racing the adrenaline pumping sport. It’s fast-paced, high-intensity and often a spectacular sporting event. Not only that, motocross gear really looks great when worn by anyone, not just racers. So where did this extreme sport begin and how has it grown to the heights it has today?

In the early 20th century, motorcycle trial competitions were a new form of racing taking hold in England. These eventually evolved into a race to be the first rider to finish the race. No longer did balance and care (and the scoring that went along with it) remain a major concern to racers. These races to the finish were often called “scrambles” early on and soon grew in popularity beyond the UK. With its international success and interest rising, the sport became known as motocross racing. This word motocross was the amalgamation of the beginning of the French word for motorcycle and… Continue reading

Motocross Helmets

Motocross riding is a thrilling discipline of motorcycle racing. Like most Motorcycle sports it can be dangerous. Motorcycles and Motocross Bikes travel at high speeds. Motocross Bikes (also referred to as Dirt Bikes or MX Bikes) are required to take jumps that can increase the risk of accidents. Wearing recommended well fitted motocross gear as talked about at helps to protect you against injury in the event of a crash.

Motocross Helmets:-

Probably the most important part of any Motocross Riders Kit. The MX Helmet is the one piece of kit that will help prevent damage to your head, face and your brain.

It is essential to wear a correctly fitted helmet. Standard Adult Motocross Helmet seizes are as follows:- XXS 51-52cm, XS 53-54cm, S 55-56cm, M 57-58cm, L 59-60cm, XL 61-62cm and so on.

The most accurate way to find your size is to firstly measure your head with a tape, over the eyebrows around the head over the tops of the ears will give you a very near size. Then it’s time to start trying them on! Your local MX Store can help you in this department. I have found through me own experience that not… Continue reading